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A solution for every Retreat Center.

For over 20 years we have been providing the best tools and support to help Religious Retreat Centers thrive.


Retreat Manager is built for growth. A rich and powerful visual environment, alongside specialized tools and interfaces provide our clients with tremendous benefits. Retreat Manager provides a smart and easy solution for delivering the possibilities of efficiency, control, and expansion.


Retreat Manager is the only service designed to meet the unique needs of religious retreat centers. Religious retreat centers have specific needs that only Retreat Manager provides and that our staff fully understand.


Eliminate redundant effort from spreading your information across multiple systems, tools, and platforms. Retreat Manager consolidates all your information together for easier access, storage, and reference.

Feature List
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Program Management

Advanced program management features allows you to track hosted programs, sponsored programs, private retreats, guests, groups, meals, socials, meetings spaces, financials, and much more.

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Track all of your billable resources within Retreat Manager. Manage multiple pricing models. Prepare estimates, deposit requests, and invoices in one tool. Send and track all payment requests.



Bring attention to your center with our marketing tools. Export targeted information for email marketing campaigns. Promote your programs online with Retreat Portal and accept registrations and payments.

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Retreat Manager is the only service which understands the unique needs of Religious Retreat Centers and their roots in the Community. Our tools help with Chapel activities an unique accounting needs.

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Seamlessly communicate with groups and guests through Retreat Manager. Send emails, contracts, documents, welcome letters all from one central system. All communications are retained and tracked.

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Reporting and Analytics

Retreat Manager centralizes all of your information in one place allowing for a rich set of reports and analytics to be prepared from all of the information. Easily share these reports with staff and management.

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