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Emails can be sent directly from Retreat Manager and can optionally use your existing email service provider. Each email sent out of Retreat Manager is tracked and easily referenced from within Retreat Manager. This allows other staff members to see a history of all correspondences with guests and groups.

Documents and Contracts

Retreat Manager offers over 150 default templates, and they can be easily customized to meet your center's needs.  We provide templates for thank you letters, contracts, deposit requests, invoices, etc. Documents are created from these templates and saved with the program. They are accessible by all staff who will be managing the program. The documents can also be emailed to groups or individuals directly from Retreat Manager.


Retreat Manager never gets rid of anything. We keep a full history of all emails and documents that go through Retreat Manager. This history makes it incredibly easy to collaborate with groups and guests to ensure that no detail is lost. It also allows for new staff to reference how past programs were managed and to easily repeat successful programs for your groups.

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