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Retreat Manager makes it easy to create, update, re-calculate, and deliver invoices to groups or individual guests. Invoices may even be split between groups and guests allowing for maximum flexibility in handling the charges for programs. Retreat Manager easily assigns prices to a variety of billable resources like rooms, meals, meeting rooms, socials, etc. and allows you to build invoices with those pricing models. We make it easy to quickly adjust and evolve pricing models to ensure your pricing is accurate. Invoices can be fine-tuned by adding credits and debits as needed for those last-minute adjustments.


Estimates can be prepared early in the process of defining a program. Once a program has dates, rooms, and meals you can prepare an estimate and send it to a group for review. We make it easy to also send along contracts and terms at the same time as the estimate to make it easier to get more done at the same time. Programs can be given a hold status until the group signs the contracts and agrees to the estimate.


Deposits are a key part of getting commitment from a group to host a program. Retreat Manager offers tracking tools to ensure easy follow-up with groups who have outstanding estimates and deposit requests. Deposits can be collected via credit card or check.

Payment Tracking

Tracking all the outstanding balances and payments due can be a full-time job and Retreat Manager tools offer a single-screen view to track all payments. Get immediate visibility into which groups or guests have outstanding balances and send out payment requests using Retreat Portal.

Credit Card Integration

Retreat Manager and Retreat Portal integrate with to offer credit card integration. Credit card payments can be taken directly in Retreat Manager or online via Retreat Portal. 

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