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Reporting and Analytics

Guest Lists

Knowing your guests is important to a retreat center. Retreat Manager tracks all information about guests ranging from name and contact information to dietary preferences, and all programs attended. This information is made available in a variety of reports. Program-specific reports show name and contact information including any special requests from the guest. Meal-specific reports show dietary preferences and restrictions. Mailing list reports can also be generated and exported to accommodate either email or postal distribution.

Housekeeping Reports

Retreat Manager offers daily reports identifying the status of each room - occupied, dirty, vacant, etc. Including which times guests are expected to depart or arrive. These reports are easily printed and handed to housekeeping staff to ensure all rooms are promptly prepared for guests. The Housekeeping module in Retreat Portal offers the same information in a mobile-friendly interface allowing for housekeeping staff to track room status on their cell phone and change the status from dirty to clean as they proceed.


Click here for more information on Retreat Portal's Housekeeping module.

Kitchen and Meal Reports

Prompt and accurate meal reports for your kitchen are critical to any retreat center. All the meal data and dietary preferences are made available in easy to prepare reports which can be printed or emailed to kitchen staff. It is also possible to give your kitchen staff direct access to Retreat Manager so they can access the information themselves. For the kitchen staff who are always on-the-go you can also use the Kitchen module in Retreat Portal.


Click here for more information on Retreat Portal's Kitchen module.

Planned Socials

Socials occur throughout the day in various meeting rooms. Socials have a mix of food, equipment, and setup requirements. Retreat Manager tools let you see reports detailing everything required to ensure all planned socials are executed to perfection. Socials tend to include a collaborative effort between the kitchen staff, housekeeping staff, and facility management staff. Our reports cater to all three at once. The Retreat Portal Kitchen module offers the same information about socials in a mobile-friendly format making it easier for all staff to see the same details in real-time.

Activity Comparison Analytics

Retreat Manager offers a breakdown of all activities by both category and date range. Easily view the planned attendance counts versus the actual attendance counts for hosted, sponsored, or private retreatant programs.

Occupancy Statistics

We offer occupancy reports that cover which rooms or even beds are occupied over a given period of time - or by day of week, e.g. weekend vs. weekday. We also breakdown occupancy by building or building type. We provide the best tools to visualize whether you're operating at maximum capacity. Our occupancy reports can also be applied to meeting spaces.

Trends and Revenue Projections

Retreat Manager consolidates all your information in one place. This makes it easy to prepare a variety of reports to help determine the overall direction of your center. We offer trend charts to compare year-over-year changes in day and overnight programs, meal types, guests, program types, etc. These reports can be broken down by year or month. You can also use Retreat Manager to generate revenue projects. These projections can include or exclude types of programs or activities. We also offer our clients custom solutions to export their data and analyze the information.

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