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Program Management


The planners are the primary screens where users will view scheduled activities. We offer four planners each tailored to a different job function. All planners leverage similar colors and structures with the goal to see as much information as possible on one page.


A lot happens at the same time at retreat centers. Our trackers offer quick summaries of various important subjects. We track deposits; contracts and on-hold activities; private retreat details; payments, invoices, and receipts; and guest registrations.

Planning Hosted and Sponsored Programs

We understand the distinction between hosted programs and sponsored programs; and provide the best tools to track both in the same system. We offer a unified view of everything you need to plan a program on a single screen - the bedrooms, meals, meeting rooms, socials, attendees, invoicing, communications, etc. Programs may contain any mix of commuters, overnight guests, or groups of commuters. Meals can be easily adjusted on a per-reservation basis. All adjustments are automatically tracked and captured in our invoicing system.

Private Retreats

Private retreats can be as commuters (day retreats) or overnight events for as many days as you want. Like any other reservation each private retreat can have custom meals, invoicing, payment, and billing.

Meals and Socials

Meals are tracked at the guest level and can be rolled up to offer an easy overview of the upcoming meals to be prepared. We also offer detailed breakdowns of when meals are to be prepared, dietary restrictions, and preferences. Mealtimes can be adjusted for each group. Private retreatants can also get their own mealtimes. Retreat Manager can track meals for staff and community which may also have different times.

Socials are activities that occur with meetings and can include food service, equipment, and special setup instructions. Retreat Manager lets you manage the details of each social and seamlessly integrates those for billing and invoicing.

Meeting Spaces

Create as many meeting spaces as you want - meeting rooms, breakout rooms, libraries, dining rooms, lounges, labyrinths, yoga areas, etc. You can provide setup notes and keep track of the equipment to be assigned to each meeting. We treat Chapels differently than other meeting spaces and you can include a purpose for the Chapel meetings such as Mass, Opening Ceremony, Closing Prayer, etc.

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